How I stay fit, healthy and happy

How I stay fit, healthy and happy

August 29, 2019

Youma Leth in Mexico

Staying fit has always been a priority of mine. But it’s about so much more than just wanting to look great. Benefits of being physically healthy include more energy, better productivity, and less stress.

Who doesn’t want that?

However, trying to be the best version of ourselves requires work and dedication. Overbooked calendars, boredom, and temptation are among many things that can get in the way. I’d be lying if I said I’d never chosen French fries over a salad or the couch over the gym. If only Netflix marathons burned calories, right??? 

It’s not always easy, but if you make nutrition and exercise a priority I think you’ll see a lot of positive changes come about. I know I have. Here are a few ways that I stay fit, healthy and happy.


Working out

I always do my workouts in the morning. I’m full of energy then, and it sets me up to continue making healthy choices throughout the day. I often go on an empty stomach, after drinking a cup of coffee, and then refuel with a nutritious breakfast afterward. This has become a habit for me. As far as what I do though, I’m constantly changing it up. This keeps things interesting and also pushes me to work out different muscle groups. Some of the activities I love include yoga, pilates, running and hiking. Fitness ruts are real, so I think it’s important to always be trying new things. I don’t even buy packages, that way I can switch up studios. 

I know what you’re thinking… Commitment issues? Me? No way! ;) 

Stretching in Tulum, Mexico.

Eating well

Three years ago, I stopped eating meat. I lost 3kg that I never gained back, my heartburn disappeared and my skin was clearer than it ever had been. I’m also now gluten-free and try to be dairy-free for the most part (the secret ingredient is always cheese). I love plants, especially greens, and can eat them in huuuge quantities. Seriously. When dining out, I usually order 2 or 3 side dishes of plain steamed vegetables. Just remember that every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body. I’ll be trying out the Fuhrman Diet next. 

This isn’t to say I don’t indulge though. After all, I’m human! I try to stick to the 80-20 diet. I stay strict on 80% of what I consume, and I treat myself with the other 20%. This may include pastries, cocktails or a nice dessert after dinner. I usually save my 20% for travel days and weekends, when I’m more likely to be with friends. I do take some dietary supplements, but I like to alternate those, too. Currently, I’m taking organic spirulina, biotin for my nails and hair and turmeric. I brought the turmeric back with me from my last trip to India. The ayurvedic pharmacies there are unbelievable! I came back with a suitcase full of goodies. 


Balancing city life

I find balance with city life by making a schedule and penciling in time for fun. This means I hold myself accountable and reward myself. I stay inspired by choosing exercises that are enjoyable and also keep my mind healthy and sharp. No matter your current lifestyle, there’s always a way to be active. 


Traveling and staying active

I’ve visited more than 35 countries, which doesn’t even begin to touch on my bucket list. My fitness goals don’t go on pause when I jump on a plane, however. In fact, I hope that I’m proof that it is possible to have it all; that you can stay healthy and strong while also having many adventures and saying “yes” along the way. 

When traveling, I love to check out local personal trainers and studios. In Paris, I really enjoy a place called Snake and Twist for yoga and pilates. The music is loud, the teachers are thoughtful and I leave feeling invigorated each time. I also have an amazing coach there. When the weather is great, we train outside in some really gorgeous spots. He combines several techniques to lengthen my muscles and achieve an overall slimmer look. His Instagram is @bashasssa. In London, I go to The Peak Health Club & Spa in the Jumeirah Carlton Tower. It’s well-equipped and has stunning views of the city!


Finding motivation

Once I found the motivation to stick to my healthy journey, it became addictive. It’s an investment, yes, of time, money and energy. But, it’s all worth it. My best advice would be to start slowly, set intentions (realistic ones) and make the commitment. Showing my girly side here, I’d also suggest investing in some cute workout clothes to help motivate you! A personal favorite of mine is AloYoga. 

Stay fit, fab and focused, my friends!


Meditation break while hiking in the Indian mountains in Rishikesh


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