3 Beautiful Coffee Shops & Restaurants I Fell In Love With

3 Beautiful Coffee Shops & Restaurants I Fell In Love With

July 09, 2019

capuccinos with plantsEach coffee is unique, an experience on its own, and that passion is contagious.
It’s like sunshine in a cup!
Those close to me know that my coffee time is cherished and very important to me. It’s that “Me Time” that I get first thing in the morning that sparks my day.
Waking up is not a chore knowing that I will soon hold a freshly brewed coffee.
With coffee being such an integral part of my morning routine, it’s become such a symbol of refreshment in my life.

I love coffee because of what it represents in a much bigger picture than just the witty saying you can find on the side of my mug!

I very much enjoy a cup of coffee on my own, with a book and a beautiful nature. From there I can draw ideas and inspiration wherever I am in the world

Health and coffee

The aroma and taste are essential when it comes to great coffee, but it has been proven that coffee is good for our health. It contains antioxidants that help your body cells function properly. Health is at the heart of my priorities. Indeed I have forever been a vegetarian! My mum was trendy before her time by making me eat these strange seeds or beans called “Quinoa” and “soy” that can be found anywhere today

Here are some of my favorite coffee shops that I’ve visited through my travels:


1. Le Cottage in Geneva, Switzerland

Cottage Cafe Switzerland outdoors

This quaint little coffee shop is located in the center of Geneva, in the middle of the park. It’s a true hidden gem, and I can say that because many of my local friends don’t even know about it! They have organic juices and homemade bread and jams, and during the winter they light a fire and provide blankest so that you can eat outside. There’s also a library, with a nice selection of books! It’s seriously my favorite place on earth.



2. Ramana's Garden in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Chalet at Ramana's

No words can describe this place. Just thinking about it makes emotional. The energy here is very uplifting, but you’ll have to visit yourself to truly understand what I mean! Taking in the sunshine on the terrace is incredible and all of the food is organic, made from the garden. It’s both a beautiful café and orphanage, with all of the funds going to supporting the kids. How cool is that!? The children sing, mingle with guests and even help serve. They were the absolute sweetest, and you could tell that they are very loved there. 


3. Flora Farm Bar in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

This was the first organic restaurant/coffee shop in Cabo- so you know I had to check it out! They offer delicious pastries and artisanal breads straight from the farm to the bakery. Only using what they make, raise and grow, you can expect the menu to be constantly changing. I love it! If you have the time, I’d suggest taking one of their cooking classes offered to get the full experience.



In London my favourite coffee shops are:


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