About me

Youma Leth Sitting on a Chair

Hi! My name is Youma, it is lovely to meet you! 

Coming from beautiful Brittany, I grew up travelling the world with my mother who is a writer.
From the paths of Europe to the Silk Roads, my inspirations come from my worldwide adventures.
Having spent a lot of time in Dubai, I started my career as a personal shopper. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to travel between the Land of Sand and the Capital of Fashion, looking for the most unique clothes for the most amazing women. 
Being inspired by all my fashion experiences and the beautiful women I was dressing, I took a leap of faith and decided to create my own collection. I wanted to design the dresses I could never find in the shops and that would really meet my expectations - a perfect blend of elegance, comfort and luxury.
Fashion is my first love so it was only natural for me to eventually settle between Paris and London where you will find me searching boutiques and strolling the streets in the lookout for inspiration. When I am not working I jump on a plane to go travel, I love nothing more than spending a weekend in the Alps!
With a lot passion and care I was able to bring my dream up to life and I hope you like my creations as much as I do! I wanted to share with you my vision for women all around the world and materialize it with fabrics.
I cannot wait to see you wearing one of my dresses! You will look great in it!
Youma Leth



About the brand 

Who make my clothes? 

In the spirit of fair trade and responsible fashion, all dresses by "Youma Leth" are made in a professional atelier with 6 craft masters based in Dubai. The time that I spent in Dubai gave me the possibility to meet face to face people who make my clothes. "Youma Leth" brand is against mass production and ruthless exploitation of employees. That's why it was so important for me to have the link and a real connection with the tailors. All the values that I respect in fair trade, I share with my customers through my dresses - the art of the craft, the high-quality fabrics, and the respect for the employees.


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